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【Gurren Lagann】 Blu-ray Vol.4

【Gurren Lagann】 Blu-ray Vol.4

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From the Creators of KILL la KILL!
Team Gurren is back in awesome High Definition glory!
Seven years have passed since the fall of Lordgenome’s Teppelin and Simon and Team Dai-Gurren fought to liberate humanity from their lives underground. Peace had returned and humanity was once again thriving on the surface. Simon is now Supreme Commander of the New Government and he and Nia were engaged. But, just as Lordgenome predicted, as soon as the population hit one million, their peaceful world was once again faced with destruction. To Simon’s horror, the one who brought their peaceful time to a shattering halt was none other than Nia, who was now the anti-spiral messenger. Citizens panicked as they learned that the moon was rapidly falling out of orbit and would soon collide with earth. Rossiu, now the chief advisor, decides that the only way to appease the terrified citizens was to order for Simon’s arrest and sentence him to death. As the moon continued to descend upon earth, Simon must cooperate with a past rival to save the people he loves.

Spoken Languages: Japanese & English
Video: 16:9 Widescreen
Subtitles: English
Episodes: #17-22
Number of Disc: 1BD Disc
Total Run Time: approx. 150 min.
Rating: 13+

■Textless Opening ver.3 & Ending ver.3
■16-page Booklet: Interviews with Creators, Illustration Gallery
■2-sided Poster

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