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【Anohana -The Flower We Saw That Day The Movie-】 Standard Edition DVD

【Anohana -The Flower We Saw That Day The Movie-】 Standard Edition DVD

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The Movie That Melted the Hearts of Millions!

Jintan, Menma, Anaru, Yukiatsu, Tsuruko, and Poppo -- six grade-school students who were the best of friends. As the “Super Peace Busters,” they always played together at their “secret base” until Menma died in a tragic accident.

Five years later, Menma appeared before Jintan, now a freshman of high school. No one could see her but Jintan, and Menma told him that she wanted the Super Peace Busters to grant her a certain wish. But not even Menma herself remembered what that wish was.
Having been traumatized by Menma’s death, the five had drifted apart, but after giving vent to their bottled-up feelings in an emotionally-charged moment, they gradually went back to being the "gang" of years past.

And then Menma said goodbye, leaving letters to everyone of the Super Peace Busters.

One year later -- once again, they gather at their secret base, each of them with a letter to Menma in hand.

Languages: Japanese
Video: 16:9 widescreen
Subtitles: English & Spanish
Episodes: -
Number of Disc: 1 DVD Disc
Total Run Time: approx. 99 min.
Rating: 13+

■ Textless Opening (Special O.A. Version)
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