April 1st is April Fools’ Day, the only day of the year you can (maybe) forgive false information about your favorite series. In this animate Times article, we’ll take a look at anime, manga, and game April Fools pranks from 2020.

There are sure to be more April Fools’ jokes this year as well, so be on the lookout when you’re browsing Twitter.

Also, be aware that it’s still March 31st in the US when it’s April 1st in Japan, so be on your toes! These jokes typically only stay online for a day, so don’t miss them while they’re up!



The following article is a compilation of one-day-only April Fools’ jokes from April 1, 2020. Be careful not to be fooled!(^^)



The animate Online Shop is Selling Candy Featuring Hot Guys (and Llamas) from Around the World!?

Quote from the Website:
“I’m never falling in love again.”

After a long relationship, you embark on a solo trip to discover a new world. Awaiting you is beautiful scenery and a good-looking guy.

Though you’re on guard at first, you get to know the man’s fun personality and get closer the more time you spend together.

Time passes quickly, and suddenly it’s the morning of your return home.

You’ve fervently been trying to hide your feelings of wanting to stay, so what is he going to say to you…?


Fate/Grand Order MyCraft Lostbelt is Available for Download for a Limited Time!

Quote from the Press Release:
FGO PROJECT (Notes LLC, Aniplex Co., Ltd., and Delight Works Co., Ltd.) have launched a new Fate/Grand Order app, Fate/Grand Order MyCraft Lostbelt.

Though this app was only planned to be available on Wednesday, April 1st, it will now be available until 11:59 PM on Sunday, April 5th.

The game Fate/Grand Order Gutentag Omen that was originally released on April 1st, 2017, will be available again from 12:00 AM on Thursday, April 2nd until 11:59 PM on Sunday, April 5th.

Craft your very own Lostbelt! In this world filled with blocks, make your own Lostbelt (tower) to your liking!

Take part in intense Lostbelt battles that have never been seen before in the world of FGO!


Gakuen Bungo Stray Dogs is Back Again This Year!


Text: Cherry blossoms scatter, and our season begins.
The Bungo Seishun Graffiti (literary, youthful graffiti) of our days.

Image text:

Flower petals scatter across the blue sky.

A ray of bright sunlight enters a single room.

This is…the Buso Student Council.


This is not just the name of a minor group at the school.

The voice of the student council president can be heard again today from the Buso Student Council room.

This scene resembles a nostalgic spring day that has been seen somewhere before.



Hearts are easily damaged.
Delicate memories are made on these days that will never return.
The story of boys with the same name as literary figures is larger-than-life in this Bungo Seishun Graffiti.
This is the story of the boys’ intertwined growth.
Their youthful days are happening again this year…

Image text:
Rampo Edogawa
“Anything’s OK if I’m OK with it!”
Rampo is the student council president.
He is the most important student at the school.
Why is he the most important? Well, that’s because Rampo Edogawa is Rampo Edogawa.


Yukichi Fukuzawa:

“Peace, huh…shall I prepare some sakura mochi?”

Yukichi is both the school chairman and principal. He is highly trusted by students and teachers alike and has even won over Rampo Edogawa, the student council president. There is a small wooden cat tower in his office. It seems as if it was a present from someone.


Image text:
Osamu Dazai
“Hahaha…yeah. Taking a nap in the afternoon rocks.”
Though Osamu is the Buso Student Council secretary, he doesn’t do any secretarial work. His hobby is suicide.

As he is in and out of the hospital, he has repeated a few years of school, and no one knows how old he is. He quite enjoys teasing Kunikida-sensei. He can’t sleep well at night.

Doppo Kunikida
“It actually pisses me off that you don’t come to class, but you still get good grades…”
Kunikida-sensei is the math teacher and in charge of the Buso Student Council. He prioritizes ideals and supports students to strive to achieve them. He often has a nasty look in his eyes. Osamu often shatters Kunieda-sensei’s plans and ideals.


The yearly April Fools’ tradition of Bungo Stray Dog Academy took place in 2020 as well! The top page of the official Bungo Stray Dogs website was changed to the Bungo Stray Dogs Academy site for April 1st. The Bungo Stray Dogs Twitter had a Q&A session with the characters on this day as well.


Bungo Straydogs Official website

Bungo Straydogs WAN! Official Twitter



The Wizards of Promise of Wizard are Students and Teachers!?

Quote from the Press Release:
In a world where magic users and humans coexist, you, a sage, wizards who fight against a great evil have become students and teachers at a school?
Visit the official site to see the Private Vollmond School, where you will be transferring to.

Visit our official Twitter (@mahoyaku_info), where a “special someone” may be making an appearance as a teacher…!


When you log in to the app by Thursday, April 2nd at 3:59 AM, you will receive the rare Robin Cook-sensei card! There will be school-themed mini-games during this time period to commemorate this April Fools’ project.



Mahoyaku-Promise of Wizard Official website

Official LINE account

Official Twitter



Kuroko’s Basketball Gets an RPG Arc!


The newest installment of the mega-hit Kuroko’s Basketball franchise will be the “RPG arc”?

The Generation of Miracles is wearing fantasy-themed clothing and is ready to go on a journey to defeat evil!?


Azur Lane April Fools’ special website



A Zombie Land Saga Movie Will Be Produced This Year Too!


Zombies vs. Aliens, coming to theaters in Summer 2020!
Starring Kotaro Tatsumi, Franchouchou #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, and #0.
Come back, everyone in Saga is waiting…

Official websit


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