JUJUTSU KAISEN is a mega-popular series that has sold 25,000,000 comic books and always ends up trending on Twitter when a new episode airs. Although the anime has a fun ambiance, the vocabulary it uses for its techniques is difficult, and there is a lot to remember.

In this article, we’d like to focus on the characters that attend Tokyo Prefectural Jujutsu High School and list their personalities and techniques in this easy-to-understand guide. If you focus on these strong and unique characters, you’ll enjoy the series on a deeper level.

We'll also let you know what character traits the author wants you to focus on and introduce the coolest fight scenes. Enjoy looking back at this anime's best scenes with us.

*This article contains small spoilers, so proceed with caution!


So, what is Jujutsu?


First off, what exactly are techniques? Are they learned at Jujustu High? If we look up the definitions in the TV Anime JUJUTSU KAISEN Official Guidebook, we can find out what they are.




Curse (Noroi)

A curse is a beast (or cursed spirit) that comes from the emotions humans carry. The strength varies between curses, but curses are responsible for the disappearances or deaths of 10,000 people each year.




Techniques (Jutsushiki)

People are born with this talent that is a method of purifying curses.

It’s a skill in and of itself to know which technique will work against each curse. The effectiveness will vary greatly depending on the person.





Domain Expansion (Ryouiki Tenkai)

The special space can be made with techniques. The cursed energy used to create these barriers is great; however, the environmental factors inside the domain allow for an advantageous fight.

To escape from the space, usually, a stronger power needs to use domain expansion.


Tokyo Jujutsu High (Jujutsu Kousen)


Although it has become a private religiously-affiliated school, this is the facility where professional Jujutsu sorcerers who fight curses are educated.

There are two schools (one in Tokyo and one in Kyoto), and the Jujutsu Sorcerers are divided based on their strength level. One of the specialties of this school is its high level of freedom.

Even though they are students, they can receive compensation for doing curse purification work or duties, and they can customize their school uniform as they like.




Introducing the Unique Characters

We’ll introduce the characters and the techniques that they use in this section.

The characters are divided into three groups – Jujutsu High's first-years, second-years, and graduates.




Tokyo Jujutsu High First-Year Students

These characters, including protagonist Yuji Itadori, are the focus of the early stages of the story.

Even though they are first-year students, this group of powerful students is as good as the second-years.

Yuji Itadori (Voice actor: Junya Enoki)

Height: Around 173cm

Weight: Over 80kg (his body fat percentage is in the single digits)

No particular likes or dislikes

Hometown: Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture

Skill: (He hopes that people will say) doing imitations

Uniform: He wears a red hoodie with shoes that are the same color.

*Taken from the comic/official site


 “I don’t want to regret my way of life.”


Yuji is a regular high school who possesses extraordinary physical abilities. For example, he can run 50m³ per second, which is about the same speed as a car.

His grandfather, who raised him, left him with the following words – "You are strong, so help others.

" To help Megumi and the others in a tight spot, he ate the special grade cursed item Sukuna Ryomen’s Finger.

Though he should have died after eating such a strong cursed item, Sukuna's soul entered his body, and Yuji has the extraordinary talent not to let Sukua take control of him. He came to Tokyo so that he could become a Jujutsu Sorcerer and help others.


Technique: None


Yuji is an average person. As such, he can’t see or sense curses. However, as he ate Sukuna’s finger, he can use a bit of his power and can physically fight in battle. He is gradually able to use more and more of Sukuna’s power.




 Character Traits☆

  • A High-School Student with a Strong and Caring Heart

When a curse appeared in front of Yuji for the first time, he was determined to save everyone and ate Sukuna’s finger.

This bravery is one of his strong character traits.

He is a kind boy who leaves school at 5 PM every day to visit his grandfather in the hospital and uses his time to help his classmates.


His convictions based on strength and kindness are shaken after battles and start to change.

We see more humanity from him than the other characters, making him a great Shonen Jump protagonist!



Recommended Battle Scenes:

Anime: Episodes 9, 12, and 13.

Comic: Volume 4, chapters 26, 27, 28, 29, and 31



Megumi Fushiguro (Voice actor: Yuuma Uchida)

Grade: 2

Height: Around 175cm

Favorite food: Food that goes well with ginger (such as ginger-filled meatballs made by Yuji)

Dislikes: Bell peppers

Uniform: Sarouel pants

*Taken from the comic/official site


"I don't help everyone equally." "I'm not a warrior of justice; I'm a Jujutsu Sorcerer."


Megumi is a talented grade 2 Jujutsu Sorcerer in his first year at Jujutsu High. Though he seems stoic, he also has a warm heart. He wants to help good people, so he had to be persuaded by Gojo-sensei to save Yuji from execution since he housed the body of Sukuna.


Technique: Ten Shadow Technique/Using Shadow Shikigami

 Animals come from shadows he makes with his hands to purify curses with this technique. Many Shikigami (ghost-like beings conjured by their master) are used in this technique. (This is what we have seen of the technique in the anime so far.)


Divine Dogs

Big white and black dogs appear when this technique is used. They sniff out the target and eat the curse when the time is right. Dogs are good at remembering things and smells, so this technique is often used.




This technique features an electrified falcon with advantageous flying speed.  The purposes of the technique are varied, and Nue is also used as a combination technique. For example, when the techniques Nue and Toad are used, a toad with wings appears.


Character Traits☆

●A Jujutsu Sorcerer with a cool attitude with heated emotions

Megumi’s skill is speaking as if he is looking down at you. Nobara noted that he is a man who only thinks his name is enough of an introduction.

However, to stop Yuji from being executed, Gojo-sensei relies on Megumi. He also helps protect Kugisaki, proving that there is a passionate side to him. When Yuji is killed by Sukuna, Megumi was shaking from holding back his tears when he was alone.

He's usually not very energetic, and he speaks roughly. On the other hand, he does become passionate at times and shows his kindness through thinking of others. Megumi is a cool and manly character who has hidden kindness!



Recommended Battle Scenes:

Anime: Episodes 1, 5, and 8.

Comic: Volume 1, chapter 1, volume 2, chapter 9, and volume 3, chapter 17



Nobara Kugisaki (Voice actor: Asami Seto)


Grade: 3

Height: Around 160cm

Hair: Dyed light brown (Not her natural color)

Uniform: The waistline of the jacket has been made shorter

*Taken from the comic/official site


"This is something for me."

Nobara’s hometown is in the countryside, 4 hours away from Morioka Station. She disliked the restrictiveness of her hometown, so she came to Tokyo.

She is a first-year student who would almost put her life on the line to protect her individuality.



Technique: Straw Doll Technique


This technique uses a hammer and needles (cursed tools) filled with cursed energy and a straw doll.

Even when at a distance from the target, the cursed needles can fly and purify it. When employing the Resonance technique, a part of the straw doll is pierced with the needles, and the same part of the curses body can be purified.



Character Traits


  • An honest, queen-like character who won’t give up her individuality

Nobara first meets Yuji and the other after she has done a ton of shopping in Harajuku. She confidently introduces herself with the regal greeting of “Rejoice, boys. There’s finally a girl among you.”


She is unwavering in her policy of individuality through fashion and Jujutsu, making her a girl we can learn from.

As Nobara and Yuji are both from the countryside, they're adorable as they go around and explore Tokyo together!




Recommended Battle Scenes:

Anime: Episode 3

Comic: Volume 1, Chapters 4 & 5





Stey tuned  for the next-Part.2




(Original Japanese article by Mina Sugimura)



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