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Second Year Students

These upperclassmen teach the first years the way that Jujutsu sorcerers fight.

The second years have vibrant personalities that shine through even in simple conversation scenes.

We're looking forward to seeing them in action as the show progresses!




Maki Zenin (Voice actor: Mikako Komatsu)



Grade: 4
Height: Around 170cm
Favorite thing: Junk food

*Taken from the comic/official site



Though Maki is a twin born in to the famous Zenin family (her sister is at the Kyoto school), she does not have any cursed power.

As such, she uses cursed items to purify curses. Her weapon is a spear that is almost as big as her. She also lets Panda have the spear.

Technique: None


Maki is an average person born into an influential family yet does not have any techniques, like Yuji.

However, she has a higher than grade 4 rank in combat strength through training.



Character Traits☆


●An upperclassman who possesses the will to go further and won't lose in the face of adversity.


Even though a Jujutsu sorcerer's strength is 80% technique, Maki doesn't have cursed power.

She doesn't waver despite this and keeps moving forward, making her a wonderful upperclassman. Even Nobara respects her!
Because she doesn’t have any curses power, she is at a low grade 4. However, she has a long history with her weapon, so her battle strength is equivalent to grade 2.

Keep watching to see how she handles her dream of becoming the leader of her family and her relationship with her twin sister.





Toge Inumaki (Voice actor: Kouki Uchiyama)

Grade: Semi-grade 1
Technique: Cursed Speech
Height: Shorter than Maki
Favorite rice ball filling: Tuna mayonnaise

*Taken from the comic/official site


Technique: Cursed Speech

The words that Toge says are a weapon against curses. He is a descendant of those who use the same technique.

If he says "don't move," then his opponent will not be able to move. He doesn't want to give these commands unnecessarily, so he replaces words with the names of riceball fillings.

For example, "affirmative" is "salmon," and "negative" is "bonito flakes." The meaning of other fillings such as tuna mayonnaise, pollack roe, and salmon roe are still unknown.

The other second years and he seem to understand each other.


Character Traits☆

●A cute and mysterious boy who communicates through riceball fillings

His mouth is generally hidden, and seeing the others understand his talk of riceball fillings is, in a word, adorable.

There aren't many scenes featuring him in the comic yet, so we look forward to what will come next!

Keep an eye out for scenes of him cutely playing with Panda!

Recommended Battle Scenes:

Anime: Episode 8
Comic: Volume 3, chapter 17



Panda (Voice actor: Tomokazu Seki)

Grade: 2
Can speak human language

*Taken from the comic/official site


Panda is a panda, yet not a panda.

He is a masterpiece of a cursed corpse (a so-called stuffed animal filled with cursed energy) made by the head of Jujutsu High.


Character Traits☆

●A wonderfully expressive panda

As Panda is a cursed corpse, he was born with emotions, and his variety of reactions are more human than most. Panda is like the mascot of the group.

He is good at watching out for others and mitigating troubles that arise in social situations.

Panda has masculine energy, as he protects his underclassmen with his great fighting techniques.

Be sure to watch for scenes where he is fooling around and enjoying his high school life!

Recommended Battle Scenes:

Anime: Episode 8
Comic: Volume 3, chapter 17




The following two Jujutsu High graduates possess ferocious strength.

They can make calmly make decisions and teach the students the best way to use their techniques.

Keep reading to find out more about Gojo-sensei and Nanami-sensei, the unrivaled senpais!


Satoru Gojo (Voice actor: Yuichi Nakamura)

Grade: Special Grade
Technique: Limitless Jujutsu, Six Eyes
Height: 190cm
He needs to eat sweet things to get his mind going.
His black eye mask is his trademark.

*Taken from the comic/official site



“It’s alright because I’m strong.”


Satoru is respected even in the Jujutsu user community as being someone with unparalleled strength.

He’s in charge of the first years at Jujutsu High, though his words and actions are not very teacher-like. He is aloof and tends to make fun of others.


Techniques: Limitless Jujutsu, Six Eyes

When Gojo creates an Infinite space, nothing can touch him. Curses are powerless because they can’t reach him.
Unlimited Expansion is the Domain Expansion technique used with Six Eyes. Inside the space, there is so much information that it can't be processed, and targets lose control of their body’s movements.

It is, as the name implies, the strongest technique.


Character Traits☆

The strongest Jujutsu teacher with hidden good looks and ambition

Under his mask is a good-looking guy with beautiful blue eyes. His looks and personality don't match at all!

He is powerful and handsome, with extreme quirks.
What’s most important is the ambition Gojo-sensei has in the Jujutsu Sorcerer world.

Both he and others acknowledge that he is not suited to teaching, so there must be a reason why he has decided to do so.

It seems as if he wants to raise the next generation of strong and clever Jujutsu sorcerers to stage a revolution.

Keep watching to see what he will do next!


Recommended Battle Scenes:

Anime: Episode 7
Comic: Volume 2, chapter 15



Kento Nanami (Voice actor: Kenjuro Tsuda)

Grade: 1
Height: Approx. 184
His maternal grandfather is from Denmark, so he is a quarter Danish.

*Taken from the comic/official site


Though Nanami-sensei joined a regular company after graduating from Jujutsu High, he has found himself back in the world of Jujutsu as an instructor.

Though he is an underclassman of Goto’s, he has said that though he believes in him and trusts him, he does not respect him.

He has a policy of not working overtime.


Technique: Ratio Technique

This technique allows Nanami to forcibly create a weak spot created at the 7 to 3 ratio point. If this point is attacked, it will deal fatal damage in a single blow.

If he works beyond the hours he is required to, his cursed energy will increase. He can also use the Collapse technique that pushes cursed energy into destroyed items.


Character Traits☆

In Kento’s first few appearances, he can’t find commonality with Yuji, and it’s hard for them to have a conversation.

The cool and calm way he handles things is very mature.

When it’s decided that Yuji will become a Jujutsu sorcerer, he senses his doubts and doesn’t hesitate to encourage him calmly.

Nanami is not only calm, but he has fully realized power. You’ll find yourself falling for his character in an instant!


Recommended Battle Scenes:

Anime: Episodes 9, 10, 11, and 13
Comic: Volume 3, chapters 20, 22, 23, 29, 30, and 31


In Conclusion 

This article serves as a basic introduction to Jujutsu Kaisen’s characters and techniques. You’re sure not to get bored watching this anime filled with great storytelling, exciting fight scenes, and wonderful characters.

If you want to reflect on the story at your own pace, we recommend reading the manga. If you want to know behind-the-scenes info about the setting, then be sure to pick up the TV Anime Jujutsu Kaisen Official Start Guidebook.

You can enjoy many parts of this book, including background information about the characters and art, interviews with the actors who voice Jujutsu High's first-year students, and photos.

Currently, the Jujutsu Kaisen anime is airing the sister school exchange arc. More characters will be added that are just as unique, so be sure not to miss the second half of this season!


(Original Japanese article by Mina Sugimura)


Series Introduction
Boys fight with a “proper death” as their desire.
Hardships, regrets, and shame.
Humans are burdened with these emotions, which turn into curses that burden their daily lives. Curses are the source of evil spreading in the world, which, in the worst cases, leads to human death. As such, a curse is the only thing that can purify a curse.
Yuji Itadori, a boy with extraordinary physical abilities, is a regular high school student. One day, in order to save one of his friends from a curse, he eats Ryomen Sukuna’s finger, a special grade cursed item, and his soul resides in Yuji’s body.
With Yuji now sharing a physical body with the cursed Ryomen Sukuna, the strongest Jujutsu Sorcerer Satoru Gojo will take him under his wing at Tokyo Prefectural Jujutsu High School, a special facility for training his curse.
Curses should be exorcised, but this boy has become a curse and can’t go back to normal. This epic story is only beginning…



Original creator: Gege Akutami (Published in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump)
Director: Seong-Hu Park
Series composition, script: Hiroshi Seko
Character designer: Tadashi Hiramatsu
Co-director: Yui Umemoto
Art director: Jeong-Ryeon Kim
Color design: Chikako Kameda
CGI producer: Yusuke Tan’nawa
3DCG director: Miki Kaneda, Kentaro Kimura
Director of photography: Teppei Ito
Editor: Keisuke Yanagi
Music: Hiroaki Tsutsumi, Yoshimasa Terui, Arisa Okehazama
Sound director: Akiko Fujita
Sound production: dugout
Animation: MAPPA

Opening theme:

Kaikai Kitan by Eve (TOY’S FACTORY)

Ending theme:






Yuji Itadori: Junya Enoki
Megumi Fushiguro: Yuuma Uchida
Nobara Kugisaki: Asami Seto
Maki Zenin: Mikako Komatsu
Toge Inumaki: Kouji Uchiyama
Panda: Seki Tomokazu
Kento Nanami: Kenjiro Tsuda
Kiyotaka Ijichi: Mitsuo Iwata
Shouko Ieiri: Aya Endou
Masamichi Yaga: Takaya Kuroda
Satoru Gojo: Yuuichi Nakamura
Aoi Toudou: Subaru Kimura
Mai Zenin: Marina Inoue
Kasumi Miwa: Chinatsu Asasaki
Yoshinobu Gakuganji: Mugihito
Junpei Yoshino: Yoshitaka Yamaya
Suguru Getou: Takahiro Sakurai
Jougo: Shigeru Chiba
Hanami: Atsuko Tanaka
Mahito: Nobunaga Shimazaki
Sukuna Ryomen: Junichi Suwabe




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