Hiroyuki Imaishi is a talented anime director who has worked on hits such as Gurren Lagann, Kill la Kill, and Promare.

An exhibition entitled The World of Hiroyuki Imaishi that unravels all of the director’s past works opened on Saturday, May 29, 2021. This exhibition is so popular that tickets for available time slots keep selling out!

A staff talk show commemorating the second anniversary of Promare will be held with scriptwriter Kazuki Nakashima during this exhibition! Tickets for this show and the accompanying encore movie screening are already sold out.

Also, in celebration of this exhibition, a special Kill la Kill livestream featuring the actors that voice the Honnouji Academy Student Council's Elite Four was broadcast on Friday, May 25.The four actors signed a poster for the exhibition during the stream.


Let’s check out what each part of the exhibition looks like!

▲The World of Gurren Lagann


▲The World of Kill la Kill


▲The World of Promare




The JUSTICE POST, a mailbox that was actually used at the Ogikubo Post Office, was brought back for this exhibition.

If you put a letter in this mailbox, maybe Hiroyuki Imaishi will receive it…? Justice is waiting for your fun letters!



Promare Talk Show Information

It was announced that Kazuki Nakashima, the scriptwriter of Promare, will make an appearance at a talk show that takes place during the exhibition!

Tickets for a talk show between the men who made Promare and an accompanying encore screening are already sold out!

Kill la Kill Livestream Information

A poster signed during a livestream commemorating The World of Hiroyuki Imaishi is on display in the exhibition hall.

The archive of the broadcast will be available until Sunday, June 27.

Kill la Kill’s Honnouji Academy Student Council's Elite Four have reunited!



Toru Inada (Role: Ira Gamagori)

Noriyuki Hiyama (Role: Uzu Sanageyama),

Hiroyuki Yoshino (Role: Houka Inumuta),

Mayumi Shintani (Role: Nonon Jakuzure)


◆Archived Video◆

Available until Sunday, June 27.




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