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“Various Gacha Religions”

You’ll enjoy FGO even more after reading this!?
Decoding various terms and materials related to “Fate” series!

Warning: Below includes partial reference from TYPE-MOON opus.

There’s this many!? Various Gacha Religions

FGO’s saint quartz summoning,
numerous player’s been seeking a way to summon servants they want.
Although these are borderline superstitious or occult-ish, we would like to introduce a couple of Gacha Religions that might have a possible effect systematically.

*Please do note that these aren’t confirmed strategies* 

・Great Success / Super Success Religion


In FGO, every time you feed EXP to servants or craft essences,
there’s a chance to result in a Great Success (2x EXP acquired) or Super Success (3x EXP acquired)
This religion says, rolling Gacha right after this results high chance of getting high-rarity  servants.

This religion has been supported by fans from the start, pretty major sect. If you think about it, it is a delicate matter whether there is a relationship between the summoning rate and the probability to get a Great success, but it doesn’t take much effort for Great/Super success to occur so this is one of the easiest methods to try it out.
But, there are events where Great/Super success rate goes up once in a while, so this method is not that reliable….

・Friend Point Religion


In this religion, you roll the Saint Quartz Gacha once you get a 3-star servant via Friend Point Gacha.
This theory came from the assumption that there’s a “table” of high rarity servants.
By rolling Friend Point Gacha, people are trying to find this “table” so they can move on to Saint Quartz Gacha.
Many players prefer this style since it makes more sense than other religions.
But in this method, it requires many Friend Points so it’s hard for new Masters.
Also, it is rare to summon a 3star servant in Friend point Gacha so it may take a long time to actually get to rolling Saint Quartz Gacha.

・Single Roll Religion

This one is simple, instead of doing multi-rolls, you focus on single-rolls.
In multi-rolls, you’re guaranteed to get a 4star card and a 3star+ servant so just by simply looking at it, there’s a high chance of getting a 5start servant.
But in reality, it is common that all 10 cards you draw end up as a low star servants/CEs, so there are players who think there’s not much benefit in multi-rolls and that single-roll might have a better chance to get a 5star servant.
(During events, people aim for event CEs so multi-roll is definitely better)

・Light Source Religion

This method is simple as well, you roll when the light behind Altria shines at its brightest.
No preparation is needed, so you can try this anytime.
Weak point of this method is that the timing is hard, and there’s no way to find out if you actually tapped at the right timing.

・2AM Religion

You roll at 2am sharp, enough said.
This came from the original “Fate” series, “Fate/Stay Night”.
Rin Tohsaka summoned her servant when her Mana was at its peak.
There’s also 12am and 5am style as well.
This is due from the assumption that the “table” gets reset at this time.

・Catalyst Summoning Religion


In this method, you place your catalyst near your phone/tablet.
In the Holy Grail War, Masters used a catalyst that has connection/relation to that servant.
In Fate/Zero, in order to summon Altria, they used the sheath of Excalibur found by the Einzbern, so people thought that it might apply in FGO as well.
They usually use books (novels, comics, biography, etc) about that character.

There’s also “Pilgrimage to sacred places Religion” where you actually go to the places that have relations to that character.
There’s report online that a hardcore fan went to the Glastonbury Abbey in England, where Arthur’s grave is located, to summon Altria Pendragon.

These absolutely has nothing to do with the rate of Gacha, but these styles are favored by a lot of fans that enjoy this game.

・Mafia Kajita Religion

Mafia Kajita: Worship…believe… God of Gacha exists….

From the official live broadcast “Fate/Grand Order Chaldea Broadcaster” and “Mafia Kajita’s Even Berserkers would understand! FGO lectureship”, Mafia Kajita is a game writer and also a well-known player of FGO.
In this method, you roll while watching his broadcast or while reading his Gacha tweets on Twitter.

This is also occult-ish, but it has been a thing since the start of FGO.
We don’t know how it started, but there are a lot of masters replying to his tweet saying they got the servants they want after reading his post.

・Roll till you get it Religion

pako : When I want to rely on something, I always go for Great Success Religion and Light Source Religion, and it feels like Great Success Religion actually works...
Nobunaga: Oh, I’m Roll till you get it Religion✋

This is your last resort, in this horrific method, just like the name of this religion, you roll with an empty, innocent state of mind until you get the servant you want.

The person who advocated this method is known as one of the biggest TYPE-MOON fan,
voice actor Nobunaga Shimazaki.
He said he won’t rely on any other occult; you can feel the integrity in this speech and it’s probably the mightiest denomination, but the price to pay is too high, so we don’t recommend this to all.

On a side note, Rumi Okubo, also a heavy FGO user known as the voice actress of Elizabeth and Asltolfo, left a famous quote on broadcast saying “課金は家賃まで”
meaning don’t spend more than your rent bill.

All of the religions mentioned above is only a part of it that’s out there.
There are still more Gacha denominations in the world, and there are a lot of Masters who are seeking to find the best way to get the servants they want.
Those who believe shall be saved? Or will it just end as an occult.
Only God (and management) knows.

We will keep introducing more “Fate” series related articles so please look forward to it!

[Writings/ Takashi Yonezawa]


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