It has been about three months since Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time debuted in Japanese theaters.

The movie is still being screened and is set to pass 9 billion yen in box office revenue.

With the new film and rebroadcast of the TV series, new merchandise (both original and collaborative!),

and a slew of events planned, the hype hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down.

Movie theaters in the Kanto region (where Tokyo is located) reopened on June 1st, so there are sure to be many more people making their way to the theater. Even with various restrictions in place, Eva is still going strong!


Twenty-five years have passed since the beloved Evangelion series first aired on TV.

The series' cool and unique action scenes, charismatic characters, and layers upon layers of mystery have kept this series in the upper echelon of anime for years.

One of the mysteries that keeps people enthralled is that of the Angels who want to destroy humanity.

Though they end up being used by humanity, they have the same role as kaiju in series like Godzilla or Ultraman.

However, their mysterious appearance makes them unique, shining a spotlight on how vital they are.


These overwhelmingly powerful, yet somehow also cute, Angels are memorably named after angels from the bible.

The first time they appeared on TV screens, viewers were captivated by them.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the Angels and see if we can reconfirm what made them so appealing in the first place.

As there are some differences between the TV series Angels and the ones in the movies, the first two parts of this series will go over the Angels from the TV series, and the last part will take a look at the Angels that appear in the movies.


*This article contains spoilers.


What are Angels?

Evangelion’s Angels are "living beings that should have multiplied on the earth." This description makes it sound like they were originally based on this planet.

It’s said that the First Impact occurred when the ancestors of humanity appeared.

After the shock of the First Impact, the Angels stopped making appearances and took the opportunity the Second Impact presented to come back.


The Fruit of Knowledge was given to humans, and the opposing Fruit of Life was given to Angels, which allows them to live independently.

Evas must be used to penetrate the Angels' wall-like AT Fields that can stop standard weapons.

Though the basic information on the Angels is the same between the original Neon Genesis Evangelion series/movies and the new movies, many things were left unexplained in the new movies, even though the series has been completed.


Neon Genesis Evangelion Angel Information


First Angel - Adam


Taken from the official YouTube channel

Click here for the video.


Adam is the first lifeform on earth.

When Misato Katsuragi's father was conducting research in Antarctica, Adam caused the Second Impact in 2000.

He is the ancestor of all of the other Angels. He's portrayed as a giant with wings of light, and you can also see him in a degenerated form (kept by Gendo) thanks to the Spear of Longinus.

Many of the Angels aim to reach Adam and merge with him, which is what protagonist Shinji and the others are trying to prevent. Unit-00 and Unit-02 were created with Adam as the base.


Second Angel - Lilith

Taken from the official YouTube channel

Click here for the video.


Lilith is a mysterious giant crucified in the depths of NERV Headquarters.

In contrast to Adam, Lilith is the origin of humanity.

NERV Headquarters was built where Lilith was discovered and is now where she is kept, protected from the outside world.

Unit-01 was built based on Lilith, who’s body kept underground, and is the basis of Rei Ayanami's soul.

Once Lilith's existence is revealed, the story around the mysteries of the Evas starts to move forward.


Third Angel - Sachiel


Taken from the official YouTube channel

Click here for the video.


Sachiel is the mysterious lifeform that appears at the start of the first episode.

He's the first Angel to attack NERV after the Second Impact and the first Angel that protagonist Shinji Ikari fights. When Shinji decides to pilot the stylish robot, he’s ripped to shreds by the Angel.

While viewers were surprised by the strangely shaped monster, the impact of the fast-paced Eva battle was what remained.

The speed with which this Angel fought is quintessential Evangelion.



Angel Number 4 - Shamsiel


Taken from the official YouTube channel

Click here for the video.

Shamsiel appears in episode 3 in a non-human form that is unsettling yet beautiful.

He relentlessly attacked Shinji Ikari, who was psychologically weaker and less skilled.

However, Shinji disobeyed the order to retreat to protect his classmates Toji and Kensuke and was narrowly able to defeat the Angel.

These two became good friends with Shinji after seeing his anger as well as his kindness. Shinji was in an unenviable position, and the sense of urgency in his expression and voice truly captured the emotions of youth.

This scene tugs at your heartstrings.



Angel Number 5 - Ramiel


Taken from the official YouTube channel

Click here for the video.


One of the climaxes of the series is in episodes 5 and 6 is when Ramiel appears.

He’s one of the most popular Angels, even to this day.

He has no features outside of having a hexagonal body and making a mysterious sound.

The concept and design are perfect for an antagonist.

Ramiel drills down to NERV Headquarters with a tentacle-like object, bypassing the perfect defense system that is supposed to intercept all intruders.

NERV comes up with a plan right before Ramiel strikes – Operation Yashima. The strategy is to use an electric gun, which demands a blackout to borrow energy from the city.

The Yashima Operation contains many famous scenes from the series, as well as unforgettable lines.

This is an episode where fans really get into Evangelion.

By the way, Ramiel’s concept was inspired by the light monster Prisma from Return of Ultraman.



Sixth Angel - Gaghiel

Taken from the official YouTube channel

Click here for the video.


The sixth Angel Gaghiel acted as a foil for the popular character Asuka Soryu-Langley and Unit-02. Gaghiel appears in episode 8 when an import trade boat from Germany arrives.

The Angels from Evangelion are named after angels that appear in the bible, and Gaghiel is the ruler of fish. He has a whale/shark-like design and attacks while swimming.

This attack allows us to see the newly imported Unit-02 in action.

Unit-02’s red body is beautiful against the blue ocean, with the backdrop lending itself to a wonderfully dynamic fight scene.

The genius pilot herself is cute when she wins the battle! Asuka is reminiscent of characters in director Hideaki Anno's past works, but it's easy to see why she has remained incredibly popular thanks to her great first impression.



Seventh Angel - Israfel

Taken from the official YouTube channel

Click here for the video.


Israfel from episode 9 is an Angel that fans often choose as the best of the series.

This ferociously powerful enemy can regenerate quickly, and he multiplied when cut in half by Unit-02.

His long legs and broad shoulders create a slim design that has helped him become quite a well-known character.

The episode itself is popular as well! The cores of both Israfels need to be attacked simultaneously, which requires the difficult task of synchronizing two Evangelions. Shinji and Asuka train together to increase their synchronization rate. This episode has many gags and comedic scenes sprinkled throughout, though it is brought to a serious conclusion thanks to the two Israfels.

This episode seems like a romantic comedy, with the way that Shinji and Asuka worked together as if they were participating in a sports festival or school festival.



Eighth Angel - Sandalphon

Taken from the official YouTube channel

Click here for the video.

We have never seen the final form of Sandalphon, who appears in episode 10.

His chrysalis was discovered in Mount Asama’s volcanic crater.

This was considered a precious specimen, so Unit-02 dove into the magma to retrieve it.

When Unit-02 entered, Sandalphon grew wings, and an unavoidable battle took place. Unit-02 wasn’t equipped for battle, so Unit-01 had to go and assist.

Though they succeeded in eradicating the target, Asuka’s mental state became unstable from this day.



Ninth Angel - Matarael

Taken from the official YouTube channel

Click here for the video.

The ninth angel Matarael is known for his long spider-like legs and the unique single eye in the middle of his body.

NERV experiences a mysterious blackout while the commander is gone, throwing the organization into chaos.

Matarael releases a powerful liquid from his eye that melts buildings and the ground so he can make his way down into NERV Headquarters. It seems as if he is crying as he makes his powerful attacks. NERV determines that Shinji, Rei, and Asuka must perform consecutive attacks to exterminate this Angel.


Check back for part 2!

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