Based on the masterpiece, "Osomatsu-kun" by legendary comedy Manga artist : Fujio Akatsuka.

Sextuplets grew up to NEET (person who is no longer in the education system and

who is not working or being trained for work.)

The comedy sketch anime started in Oct. 2015 and the sextuplets made huge social phenomenon.

"Osomatsu-san" was nominated Buzzword Award 2016 in Japan.


In Oct 2017, 2nd season aired, and in March 2019, a whole new story was introduced in  

Osomatsu-san The Movie, as the series made its theatrical debut.


The movie received 1st prize for "High satisfaction level" among Box Office in Japan.

It has garnered a lot of attention and praise from many viewers.




A year after, in press release in 2020, OSOMATSU-san 3rd season was confirmed in an announcement!



Announcement was made via a short film, which showed voice actors -Takahiro

Sakurai (as Osomatsu), Yuichi Nakamura (as Karamatsu) and other famous

casts voiced on sextuplets.

in that interview style video, they joked,

"That anime made me really exhausted"

"That was the I started having murderous thoughts…”

Also, their announcement post tweet and #Osomatsusan3rdSeason was

the “in-trend” hashtag and tweet for whole day.



The next day on July 7th, an advertisement display appeared right beside Shibuya station, Tokyo.



Animate stores showed the latest promotional movie and celebrated the happy news by decorating the

Osomatsu-san merchandise sections.






animate shops celebrated the tremendous and joyful announcement!



According to the Official website, using a hashtag #また笑おう (Mata waraou - Let's Laugh/Smile Again), a Special Campaign has started on twitter.

Official Account (@osomatsusan_PR) is asking you to share your memories of Osomatsu-san with laugh/smile.



また会おう Twitterキャンペーン

-Mata aou (See you again) Twitter Campaign-


Campaign Schedules: 7/77/15 23:59 -JPN


(1) Follow Official Account (@osomatsusan_PR)

(2) Tweet/describe your memory of Osomatsu-san with hashtag #また笑おう #おそ松さん (Osomatsu-san)


All posts with hashtags will be shared on special site. 

Osomatsu-san Campaign Official website 


*Prizes shipped to addresses in Japan only.



Animate Time Japan 


(C)Fujio Akatsuka / Project Osomatsu san

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