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//Preorder// WADARCO Exhibition Nero Claudius - 1/7 Scale Figure

Release Date: Sep 2024Available for preorder! The Nero Claudius figurine, based on the illustration drawn for the WADARCO Exhibition, is here! This beautiful 1/7 scale figure, featuring Nero wrapped in striking...

[Arknights] Amiya: Newsgirl Ver. – 1/7 Scale Figure

Preorder until 5/24!Release date: Mar. 2025 "The sky of Londinium is always gray." From the popular smartphone game "Arknights" comes a 1/7 scale figure of Amiya in her popular Newsgirl...

[Atelier Ryza] Reisalin "Ryza" Stout: Summer Adventure – 1/7 Scale Figure

Preorder now until 8/2!Release date: Aug. 2025 Reisalin “Ryza” Stout of “Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout The Animation” based on an official illustration is now from Claynel!...
all_productAzur Lane

[Azur Lane] Belfast: Shopping with the Head Maid Ver. – 1/7 Scale Figure

Preorder now until 7/19!Release date: Jun. 2025 From Azur Lane comes a casually dressed figure of Belfast! Product Name: Belfast Shopping with the Head Maid Ver.Series: Azur LaneManufacturer: Brilliant Journey!Category:...
all_productAzur Lane

[Azur Lane] Cheshire – 1/7 Scale Figure

Preorder now!Release date: Sept. 2025 From Azur Lane comes a figure of Cheshire! The details on her dress just pop and her dynamic pose as her dress flows with her...

[BERSERK] Guts: Black Swordsman – POP UP PARADE L

Preorder until 8/23!Release date: July 2025 Presenting POP UP PARADE figures now in a larger size! POP UP PARADE is bringing figure fans a brand new sense of excitement with...

[BLACK CAT] Train Heartnet - Nendoroid 2510

Preorder until 7/19!Release date: Apr. 2025 "I'm here to deliver some bad luck." From the anime "BLACK CAT" comes a Nendoroid of Train Heartnet! Face plates: Grinning face Serious face...
all_productBlue Archive

[Blue Archive] Aru Rikuhachima – Nendoroid 2470

Preorder now until 6/7!Release date: Mar. 2025 "I'd be happy to, but we aren't cheap, Sensei." From the popular game "Blue Archive" comes a Nendoroid of Aru Rikuhachima, Gehenna Academy's...
all_productBlue Archive

[Blue Archive] Eimi - 1/7 Scale Figure

Preorder Now!Release date: Feb. 2025 Manufacturer: MIMEYOIPainted plastic 1/7 scale complete product with stand included. Approximately 10.8" (to the top of halo), 10" actual height. Please note that images shown...
all_productBlue Archive

[Blue Archive] Hoshino Takanashi – Nendoroid 2461

Preorder now!Release date: Mar. 2025 *yawn* Let's take it slow and steady. From the popular game "Blue Archive" comes a Nendoroid of Hoshino Takanashi, the president of the Foreclosure Task...
all_productBlue Archive

[Blue Archive] Miyako (Swimsuit): Memorial Lobby Ver. – 1/7 Scale Figure

Preorder until 7/19!Release date: Oct. 2025 "I didn't expect you'd see me like this... I'm a little embarrassed." From the popular game "Blue Archive" comes a scale figure of SRT...
all_productBlue Archive

[Blue Archive] Toki Asuma Bunny Girl – 1/7 Scale Figure

Preorder until 7/19!Release date: Oct. 2025 "Pyon. I am the best agent after all." From the popular game "Blue Archive" comes a 1/7 scale figure of Toki Asuma (Bunny Girl),...
all_productBLUE LOCK

[Blue Lock] Palm Size Seishiro Nagi - G.E.M. series Figure

Release Date: Mar. 2025Preorder now! Seishiro Nagi from Blue Lock is now a palm sized G.E.M. series figure! Product Name: G.E.M. series Palm Size Seishiro NagiManufacturer: MegaHouseSpecifications: Pre-Painted Figure. Approx. 3.5" in...
all_productBLUE LOCK

[Blue Lock] Rin Itoshi – Nendoroid 2327

Preorder Now!Release date: Oct. 2024 "Crushing Itoshi Sae is everything to me in soccer." From the anime series "BLUELOCK" comes a Nendoroid of Itoshi Rin! Face plates: Composed face Intimidating...

[BOCCHI THE ROCK!] Hitori Goto Shonin Yokkyu Monster - Deformation Sofubi Figure

Preorder now!Release Date: Aug 2024"Give me a like!"Hitori Goto, aka “Bocchi-chan” from the TV anime BOCCHI THE ROCK!, comes to life as a new three-dimensional figure.The "Approval-Monster" that appeared in...

[BOCCHI THE ROCK!] Hitori Gotoh - 1/7 Scale Figure

Preorder now!Releases Mar. 2025 (tentative)【Aniplex+ Exclusive Merchandise】 From “BOCCHI THE ROCK!”, the “guitar hero” Hitori Gotoh comes to life as an impressive figure! The highlight of this figure is her...