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all_productBanG Dream! Girl's Band Party!

[BanG Dream!] VOCAL COLLECTION Minato Yukina from Roselia Pearl Ver. USA Limited Edition - 1/7 Scale Figure

Vocalist and leader of Roselia Yukina Minato from BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! is belting out a tune as she extends her arm out to her audience mid performance. From Bushiroad Creative...
all_productFate series

[Fate Series] Caster/Gilgamesh - 1/8 Scale Figure

"I tried pretending to be a Magus. Do you think I look the part?" From the popular smartphone game "Fate/Grand Order" comes a 1/8th scale figure of the Caster class...
all_productFate series

[Fate Series] Lavinia Whateley - 1/7 Scale Figure

Product Name: Lavinia WhateleySeries: Fate/Grand OrderManufacturer: Hobby Japan (AMAKUNI)Category: 1/7 Scale FigureSculptor: i-conSpecifications:Size: approx. height 9 in.Material: PVC, ABS   ©TYPE-MOON / FGO PROJECT

[Full Metal Panic!] Teletha Testarossa: Maid Ver. - 1/7 Scale Figure

A new figure of Teletha in a maid outfit! From "Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory" comes a scale figure of Teletha Testarossa in a maid outfit from the "Dancing Very...

[Girls' Frontline] K2 Before the Dawn Ver. - 1/7 Scale Figure

Product Name: K2 Before the Dawn Ver.Series: Dolls FrontlineManufacturer: ApexCategory: 1/7 Scale FigureSpecifications: Size: Approx. 7.5in. in heightMaterial: PVC, ABS©SUNBORN Network Technology Co., Ltd.

[Lord El-Melloi Ⅱ's Case Files] Lord El-Melloi Ⅱ - 1/8 Scale Figure

【Aniplex+ Exclusive Merchandise】 Welcome to the Clock Tower, the mystery-filled mecca for mages.From the hit TV series Lord El-Melloi II's Case Files {Rail Zeppelin} Grace note comes Lord El-Melloi II...
$236.98 $189.98

[Magical Sempai] Sempai: Bunny Ver. - 1/4 Scale Figure

The unique and clumsy Sempai is now a bunny figure! From the anime series "Magical Sempai" comes a bunny figure of the leader of the Magic Club and magician with...

[Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid] Kanna Maid Cafe Ver. - 1/7 Scale Figure

Overseas Exclusive Item Tohru Figure sold separately   Product Name: Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S Kanna Maid Cafe Ver. Figure Production company: APEX Material: ABS, PVC   (C)coolkyousinnjya, Futabasha / Dragon Maid...

[Orbit Girls] Fiona Fullmoon - 1/7 Scale Figure

Product Name: ENTRY NO.01 Fiona Full moonSeries: Vertex Orbit GirlsManufacturer: VERTEXCategory: Non Scale Figure Specifications:Painted non-scale ABS, PVC figure with stand included.Approximately 15in. in height. ©VERTEX
$425.99 $375.99

[Saekano] Eriri Spencer Sawamura Lingerie Version - 1/7 Scale Figure

【Aniplex+ Exclusive Merchandise】After the release of Megumi Kato Lingerie Version figure last year, fans have been enthusiactically anticipatng for the releases of Eriri and Utaha. So this time, Aniplex+ proudly...
$224.98 $179.98

[Saekano] Izumi Hashima Lingerie Version - 1/7 Scale Figure

【Aniplex+ Exclusive Merchandise】Izumi Hashima from the popular anime series “Saekano ♭” makes her Aniplex+ debut as a lingerie version figure! Based on a new Illustration from Original Character Designer Kurehito...
$233.98 $186.98

[Saekano] Megumi Kato Maid Version - 1/7 Scale Figure

【Aniplex+ Exclusive Merchandise】From "Saekano the Movie: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend, Fine" comes Megumi Kato in her cute maid outfit. Based on the illustration drawn by Kurehito Misaki, Megumi’s...
$254.98 $203.98

[The Quintessential Quintuplets] Itsuki Nakano - 1/8 Scale Figure

Product Name: Itsuki NakanoSeries: The Quintessential QuintupletsManufacturer: KotobukiyaCategory: 1/8 Scale FigureSpecifications: Size: Approx. 8.5in. in heightMaterial: PVC, ABS©春場ねぎ・講談社/「五等分の花嫁」製作委員会

[Virtual Youtuber Mirai Akari] Mirai Akari Race Queen Ver. - 1/6 Scale Figure

Product Name: Mirai Akari Race Queen Ver. Series: Virtual Youtuber Mirai AkariManufacturer: Pulchra Category: 1/6 Scale Figure Specifications: Painted 1/6th scale PVC complete product.Approximately 11 inch in height. Please note that images shown may differ from the final...