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[Gurren Lagann] Fine Art Prints in Frame - US Tour 2018 - Fine Arts



Animate Exclusive!

Gurren Dan Unite!

Nonoyamasaki x Animate Special Collaboration
Nonoyamasaki specifically drew these for her oversea fans!
(These items are unavailable in Japan, oversea sales only)

Frame Size: 16"×13"
Print Size: 13.5" x 10.5"

Super High-resolusion Full color print

Each Prints are autographed By Nonoyamasaki-Sensei!

Even after 10years, everyone still loves this master piece.

Everyone, is a member of Gurren-dan! 

Supervised by the director Kazuki Nakashima,

manga artist Nonoyamasaki's original manga series, 

"Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Otoko Series"

coming to US for the first time!


Nonoyamasaki's Profile

Nonoyamasaki is a Japanese manga artist,
debuted in 2008 via Monthly Shonen Rival magazine,
well known for creating the manga version of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann called "Otoko(Male) series" in 2013,
which was originally a Drama CD published in Monthly HERO'S magazine.
This series includes "Otoko Ippiki Arc", "Otoko DoAhou Arc", and "Kessen Otokogumi Arc"
Nonoyamasaki have been drawing these series for 4years.
Other known work would be "Enma" which got published through Kodansha.

Gurren Lagann Otoko Series /Nonoyamasaki
(C)LPEI・KN2015 (C)LPEI・KN・Nono2015