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Release Date: November 2024

Product name: [Blue Archive]Animation Blu-ray Vol. 3
Series: Blue Archive The Animation


【Main Feature】
Ep. 7 - Ep. 9

Japanese / Chinese (Simplified)/ Chinese (Traditional) / Korean / English

・Nonomi's Memorial Lobby Illustration Package

【Bonus Videos】
・Next Episode Trailers (Ep.7, Ep.8, Ep.9)
・Student Introduction
・Blu-ray Commercial

【Bonus Items】
・Serial Code for the mobile game
・Special Sticker
・Special Booklet (16 pages)
animate Exclusive Bonus: Mini Photo (Nonomi)

【Bonus: Serial Code for the mobile game】
1. Guaranteed Recruitment Ticket(Nonomi)
2. Nonomi's Memorial Lobby(Blu-ray Bonus)
3. ★3 Guaranteed Recruitment Ticket
4. Credit x 10,000,000
5. Eligma x250
6. Refreshing Bouquet x10
7. Normal Activity Report x200
8. Advanced Activity Report x100
9. Superior Activity Report x50
10. Normal Enhancement Stone x200
11. Advanced Enhancement Stone x100
12. Superior Enhancement Stone x50
13. Beginner Tactical Training Blu-ray Choice Ticket x50
14. Normal Tactical Training Blu-ray Choice Ticket x30
15. Advanced Tactical Training Blu-ray Choice Ticket x15
16. Beginner Tech Notes Choice Ticket x150
17. Normal Tech Notes Choice Ticket x100
18. Advanced Tech Notes Choice Ticket x50
19. Secret Tech Notes x1

* Please check paper containing the serial code for more details
* One-time use
* The serial code is limited to one time per account.
* Serial Code's Expiration Date: 11:59 PM of three years after the release date
* Game items exchanged via serial codes have no expiration date.
* Specifications of serial codes are subject to change without notice.
* The serial code is only applicable to the game released by NEXON Korea

【Bonus for Purchasing All Volumes】
・ Guaranteed Recruitment Ticket (Hoshino)
・ Hoshino's Memorial Lobby (Blue-ray Bonus)
animate Exclusive Bonus: Special Illustration Clear Poster (Ayane & Serika)

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