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Product Type: Acrylic Stands

Materials: Acrylic

Gintoki Sakata: Approx. W1.85 in. x H3.19 in.
Shinpachi Shimura: Approx. W1.65 in. x H3.03 in.
Kagura: Approx. W1.89 in. x H2.91 in.
Isao Kondou: Approx. W1.50 in. x H3.19 in.
Toshiro Hijikata: Approx. W1.69 in. x H3.07 in.
Sougo Okita: Approx. W1.61 in. x H2.68 in.
Sagaru Yamazaki: Approx. W1.57 in. x H3.03 in.
Tatsuma Sakamoto: Approx. W1.89 in. x H3.15 in.
Kotaro Katsura: Approx. W1.54 in. x H2.99 in.
Shinsuke Takasugi: Approx. W1.73 in. x H2.72 in.
Kamui: Approx. W1.65 in. x H3.11 in.
Abuto: Approx. W2.24 in. x H3.22 in.
Base (Shared) : (Approx.) W1.73 in. x H1.54 in.

12 Types Total
Sold as singles.
*Types are selected at random.(Character cannot be selected.)
*Box contents will be sent in a bag, not a cardboard box.

Manufacturer: Bandai