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Release Date: Jul. 2024

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Hoshimachi Suisei, member of all-female VTuber group hololive, owns a voice and stage presence she unleashes like a weapon. Fans rejoice: her first full album "Still Still Stellar," which released September 2021 and is still firmly popular to this day, is finally being released on vinyl!

This variety-rich 12 track album, beginning with the lead track "Stellar Stellar," is being released as a 2 disc set that matches the album concept colors in black and clear blue.

[DISC 1]
■side A
Stellar Stellar
NEXT COLOR PLANET (Still Still Stellar ver.)
Tenkyuu, Suisei wa Yoru wo Mataide (Still Still Stellar ver.)

■side B
GHOST (Still Still Stellar ver.)
Bye Bye Rainy (Still Still Stellar ver.)
Jibun Katte Dazzling (Still Still Stellar ver.)

[DISC 2]
■side A
Bluerose (Still Still Stellar ver.)
comet (Still Still Stellar ver.)

■side B
Je t'aime.
Starry Jet
Kakero (Still Still Stellar ver.)