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[BE x Boy] BE x Boy Special Can Badge - Badge set



Product Name: BE x Boy Special Can Badge
Series: BE x Boy Magazine

Ogeretsu Tanaka-"Esqape Journey"

Hashigo Sakurabi-DAKAICHI -I'm being harassed by the sexiest man of the year-

Ranmaru Zariya-"VOID"

Ayano Yamane -Finder Series

Natsuki Kizu-"GIVEN"

CategoryCan Badge
5 Packs/Box 
Size: Diameter Approx. 4cm


Limited sold at Animate Girls Festival in Japan 2016.

(C)Ogeretsu Tanaka/libre2016
(C)Hashigo Sakurabi/libre2016
(C)Ranmaru Zariya/libre2016
(C)Ayano Yamane/libre2016
(C)Natsuki Kizu/libre2016