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[Customania] Pink Herbarium - Character Goods

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This easy-to-customize acrylic stand resembles a herbarium bottle, you can display on any table top, shelf and decorate your interior with floral ambience! It has a beautiful bottle shape and comes with charming flower and petal pieces so you can customize it however you like!

Product Name: Pink Herbarium (Flower Bottle)
Series: Customania
Manufacturer: movic
Category: Acrylic display
Assembled size: 8"x 2" x .4" inches approx.
Base: 2.5" x 1" in. approx 
Inner dimensions of frame: 6.5" x 2" approx.
Material: Acrylic


*The thickness of goods that can be set in the frame is up to 3mm(0.1 inches). Please check the inside dimensions of the frame carefully.