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[Digimon Adventure] Summer Box Limited Edition - Metalic Charm Box Set



After an endless dream, in this world of nothingness  
It seems as if our beloved dreams will lose  
Even with these unreliable wings, 
covered in images that tend to stay  

I'm sure we can fly, on my love♪                    - Butter-Fly

MegaHouse presents an unforgettable memorial box set of Digimon Adventure characters! 
This is the Limited Edition ver. of the blind box set. 
Comes with all 10 characters +1 (Koromon) + Tin-can to store all of them. 

Product Name
Metal Charm Collection - Digimon Adventure Always together! Hen Summer Box
Series: Digimon Adventure
Manufacturer: MegaHouse
CategoryMetal Charm
11 Metal Charms + Tin-can
Size: Approx. 1.5in.