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Product type: Character Goods

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[GRANBLUE FANTASY] Omanju Niginigi Mascot 2 - Blind Box

Only 2 of Box (8/box) left.



Box purchase comes with a bonus omanjuu (Percival)!

Product NameGranblue Fantasy Omanju NigiNigi Mascot 2
Series: Granblue Fantasy
Manufacturer: Ensky
CategoryCharacter Goods
Size: Approx. 2 x 2.7 x 2in
Material: Polystyrene, Polyestral, M
・Please note that images shown may differ from the final product.
・Box purchase guarantees all types.

Featuring: Lancelot, Vane, Percival, Seigfried, Agrovale, Arthur, Mordred, Gran (Main Character) respectively in order from left top to bottom right!



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