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[Granblue Fantasy] Piano Collections - CD

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Title: GRANBLUE FANTASY Piano Collections
Format: Audio CD
Number of disc: 1


  1. Main Theme
  2. Wind of Beginnings
  3. Port Breeze: Winged Giant's Slumber
  4. Triumphant Return
  5. Battle 1
  6. Auguste Isles: Babbling Falls
  7. Lumacie Archipelago: Mystic Woodlands
  8. Pleasant Chat
  9. Encounter with the Supreme Ruler Separated from the Sky
  10. Tramont Island: Reason Unraveled
  11. Yggdrasil Omega
  12. Amalthea Island: Order above All
  13. Fateful Journey, Soaring Battle
  14. Howling at the Skies Above
  15. Blue Skies
  16. Twenty-Two Apostles


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