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[Gurren Lagann] Art Print 6: US Tour 2018 Original Artwork by Nonoyamasaki - Fine Arts





Gurren Dan UNITE! Each print signed By Nonoyamasaki sensei!

From the popular franchise loved across the globe even more than ten years onward! Become a member of the Gurren-dan with these amazing illustrations each drawn in supervision by series director Kazuki Nakashima and both illustrated and signed by manga artist Nonoyamasaki. These high quality illustration prints come with a black picture frame and strings for an easy mounting setup. Available for the first time in the US!


About the artist:

Nonoyamasaki is a Japanese manga artist who debuted in 2008 via Monthly Shonen Rival magazine. He well known for creating the manga version of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann called "Otoko(Male) series" in 2013, which was originally a Drama CD published in Monthly HERO'S magazine. This series includes "Otoko Ippiki Arc", "Otoko DoAhou Arc", and "Kessen Otokogumi Arc". Nonoyamasaki has been involved and drawing for the series for over 4 years.



Product Name: Art Print 6: US Tour 2018 Original Artwork by Nonoyamasaki
Series: Gurren Lagann
CategoryFine Arts

Frame: Length 14.5inches x Height 11inches

Cell: Length 11inches x Height 8inches


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