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[Ikemen Series] Wall Scroll - Ikemen Revolution / Sengoku / Midnight Cinderella

Only 2 of Midnight Cinderella Group of 6 Revolution Characters left.

Only 1 of Fenrir left.

Only 3 of Lancelot left.

Only 3 of Edgar left.

Only 3 of Sirius left.

Only 3 of Ray left.

Only 2 of Jonah left.

Only 3 of Nobunaga left.

Only 3 of Masamune left.

Only 3 of Mitsunari left.

Only 3 of Ieyasu left.



Ikemen Series World Tour Items

Product Name: Ikemen Series tapestry 
Series: Ikemen Revolution / Sengoku
Manufacturer: Cybird
Size - H1030mm x W728mm
Material -  Polyester suede
Full Color Print

* Please disregard the price(some may vary) and the raffle part.